Hush, Now 


Let me start with this: Fake News v. Fake Media
Think about that for a bit.

I admit to being an NPR junkie. Like many  addicts, I acknowledge my addiction, lay off the listen, and then cave in to the sound of Rachel Martin’s voice. Sometimes I’m completely engaged and feel like I’ve invested my drivetime in a fulfilling way. Other times, I want to lie on the nearest bathroom floor and throw up the spin of some political guest. No matter which news broadcast you prefer, I’d like to offer this for…

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An American Holiday Disaster 

This is the story of 4 workmates that decided to celebrate the most American of American holidays - National Hot Dog Day.


This is Ada. It's probable that she's responsible for this mess.

Like everyone else in this story, Ada works at Along with her co-workers, she helps promote the best coupons and deals on the Internet. As an expert in seeking out and advertising deals, it makes sense that Ada had inside information about National Hot Dog Day. There's no other reason the others would…

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How to Rob a Bank 

We got some disheartening news at work a few weeks ago. The company has decided to make an accounting adjustment and pay us 7 days in arrears.

Everybody on my end of the building is freaking out. We're the po' folk. You know... writers working as merchandisers. Marketing graduates working as merchandisers. Copywriting, creating online shoe deals, managing content. All for Austin salaries. And that ain't the best in Texas, let me tell you. People love to live in Austin, and Austin companies love to…

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Peace from the Porch

The Peace from the Porch Project" 

Peace from the Porch" was many things for me. It was the amazing Bear Creek Concert series. It was fundraising for important non-profits and charities, and it literally meant the relaxation and solitude that surrounded the actual porch out there on the Texas prairie. The little cabin lent itself beautifully to reflection. It was a wonderful place to take an inventory of who I am. I watched the sunrise, the sunset, and the night sky in deep contemplation many, many times. It was the porch that hosted my inspiration to give back. It was there that I understood that richness cannot be measured in money or things. It was also there that so many amazing musicians helped to create the magic that is the "Peace from the Porch" project. 

Peace from the Porch, Vol. 1  

The original, award winning "Peace from the Porch, Vol. 1" was inspired by corporate insensitivity to importance of communities supporting one another in times of adversity.  Even if the support is just for one or a few.  Vol. 1 was a gathering of mostly Texas musicians who donated music and time to a compilation CD and supporting concerts to raise money for The American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life." 
Peace from the Porch, Vol. 2  

The second installment of The Peace from the Porch Project was a sophisticated compilation of songs from independent musicians from throughout the United States.  Once again, these artists came together to produce a compilation CD of great independent music and a series of concerts to raise money for grassroots agencies that support victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. 

Why "Peace from the Porch?" 

For many years, I stood in the center of my porch, after another amazing night of music under the Texas sky, via the long running house concert series, Bear Creek Concerts, and my benediction was, "peace from the porch." It was never meant in a political way.  It is as direct as it sounds.  It was to wish peace to all who come and remind each of us that when we give peace to our neighbors, we give the most effective form of peace to the world around us.  If we do the little things and extend our kindness to those closest to us, then the porch gets really big as that idea moves through the world.  The Peace from the Porch Project was a community project that presented independent music while supporting non-profit agencies that eliminate suffering. 

"Peace from the Porch, Vol. 3" 

Peace from the Porch, Vol. 3" supported The Children's Advocacy Center.  The head porch dweller loves to support children because nothing gets better without a brighter future.  However, health care and animal rescue organizations are important to us, too. In my mind, we have to start with the smallest and most impressionable members of the human race. If we don't break the cycle of poverty, ignorance and violence, then none of the rest of it gets any better, either.  

The final disc in the project includes 11 great songs from a wonderful group of independent musicians who know how it important it is to take care of their neighbors.  I hope you'll visit their websites and support their musical careers.