How to Address an Envelope - Can Your Kids Do This?

Seriously. Do your children know how to address an envelope? About 13 years ago, I had a young college student living with me who didn't know how to address an envelope. So much communication is digital these days, and it never occurred to me that he was young enough to have never addressed an envelope!

Share this with your children and the young people in your life; including interns and students. It seems silly to most of us, but there are young people that really don't know how to do it.



I get it.  We are a digital world that communicates digitally, but there's something about a written letter - physical correspondence - that really sets a person apart from everyone else. Today it feels really special to get a physical thank you note or a letter from someone. 

Why? It's a closer connection to another person. You have an artifact that is uniquely human. It is unique to THE human that sends it. It took time to create and send. It lasted more than a few seconds because it didn't materialize from the ether. It took a physical journey to get to the recipient. Human hands wrote it, directed its path and delivered it. 

If you're looking for something you lost during the pandemic (as we all went home to work remotely), write someone that you care about a letter. Better yet, teach your kids how to write and send a letter to someone special. Make it a fun summer project. Suggest they write a letter to a friend. Reintroduce the pen pal. Remember that sense of anticipation and excitement you had if you ever had a pen pal? 

I can easily forget someone that I only corresponded with electronically, but continued correspondence by letter? I still remember my pen pals; even though I haven't received a letter in over 40 years. 

Roll your eyes, if you want. There's someone reading this who is going to teach a kid how to write a letter, and that kid is going to learn something about the value of real human connection.

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