Are You in a LinkedIn Echo Chamber?

Your Negative Presence is Your Most Noticeable Soft Skill



It's well known that echo chambers are the self-serving foundation of social media; including LinkedIn. Where it's a career social media platform, it's still designed to draw its users into an affinity that they feel good about. 

Watch out!

If you're bitter about a layoff or firing, you may find yourself clicking “like” and “share” on content that aligns with negative feelings. This is like the kiss of death in my opinion. And it's not an unfounded or untested opinion. As a hiring manager I would “social stalk” any candidate that made it past the initial resume screening.  If I found that most of their activity was based on how employees are done wrong, I moved on to another candidate. Seems unfair, right? Not so.

Taking a chance on negativity just made leading a team that much harder because every job comes with disappointment and decisions we won't all agree with. So, who do you think the problem child was in those situations? …I took a chance.  You see, our own affinity follows us around. Scorched earth tactics after the termination are reserved for those who lack the professional wherewithal to know any better. For those who know they'll get positive interaction on those negative posts. And then they're in that echo chamber.

It can be hard to get out of there; if you find yourself in one. I'm saying that you CAN change. You CAN take a different approach on LinkedIn. Try offering up positive solutions to posted problems. Like and share the good stuff. Answer “expert” questions if they pop up on your account. Avoid anti-corporation, anti-boss, anti-recruiter posts. Like and share posts that offer real positive impact solutions. Or better yet, focus on your own profile and how you can make it as good as possible. Re-spin that negative stuff. Recruiters and hiring managers are watching.

A candidate with great qualifications and a seemingly bad attitude is getting bypassed for the candidate that has great, or maybe even good, qualifications and a positive appearance.

If you're one of those LinkedIn members publicly complaining about the 100 jobs you've applied for with no response, check your feed. See if I'm not right on this one.

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