Hush, Now



Let me start with this: Fake News v. Fake Media
Think about that for a bit.

I admit to being an NPR junkie. Like many  addicts, I acknowledge my addiction, lay off the listen, and then cave in to the sound of Rachel Martin’s voice. Sometimes I’m completely engaged and feel like I’ve invested my drivetime in a fulfilling way. Other times, I want to lie on the nearest bathroom floor and throw up the spin of some political guest. No matter which news broadcast you prefer, I’d like to offer this for consideration – political guests sound like the daily horoscope. They don’t really say anything, but they are really good at talking around ideals that make you feel certain your way of thinking is righteous.

It’s a great time to find that link and post it to your Facebook page, or to make a quotable meme and add it to your Instagram. Then we can call it news. News from our most trusted source of media. That would be social media.

I kind of like that FAKE NEWS has become a solid part of the contemporary lexicon. I like that many people are hot to remind all reasonable humans that FAKE NEWS is real… as real as a well edited video collage of the opposition’s favorite politician doing things that remind us of Hitler. I like that FAKE NEWS is the father of one very certain, undisputable fact.

Americans are idiots.

So. Consider the above image. Compliments of one of many Facebook algorithms designed to help me tell my story. No human eyes inspected that image before it was pushed to me. Albeit, Tammy and I had a good laugh even it is offensive.

There is an idiot out there that would actually post that, make it his/her profile picture and then wonder why a spouse was so pissed off.

It’s a great metaphor for so much of what we post for the world to see. Personally, I’ve really taken a measured approach to social media. I used to be as active as anyone, but I don’t like arguments that have no good outcome. I don’t like the pugilism of bare knuckle word wars. The people who really matter know how I think and what I stand for (whether they agree or not, I think they at least respect me).

I’d rather be quiet than the carrier of FAKE NEWS.

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